Pick of the Week!

It is that time of the week again! After a lot of work this week I finally get to reveal my Pick of the Week! I don’t even need the lasso of truth to tell you that the pick is “Isn’t She Wonderful Stitch Markers”! These are absolutely one of my all time favorite stitch markers so much so that I may just need to make a set for myself.  These are available up in my shop The Red Picket Fence so hurry on over before there is a battle of epic proportions for them!

Isn’t She Wonderful Stitch Markers Available at The Red Picket Fence

It is not hard to see why I would pick these awesome stitch markers this week. I have been a Wonder Woman fan since I was a little girl. Her strength, grace and compassion for others is truly something to admire. The woman can lift a tank then turn around and kiss a baby in one fail swoop. This project this week got me thinking even deeper than just the Amazonian in her battle armor and tiara though. As I began to piece the links together I began to think about how much each of us can relate to Diana (that is Wonder Woman’s real name in case you didn’t know). Maybe that is why we as women like her so much because on some level we can relate to her. I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t want to be her so it brought me to this dilemma. I realized that just like young Diana, we as women do not realize what we are truly capable of in our own lives. Diana is confident and seems to be able to take on anything thrown at her, including a tank but when did we stop being wonder women? When did we stop believing that we could take on anything that is thrown at us?

It is as if our potential, our true identity has been hidden from us just like Diana’s true demi-god status was hidden from her. For me it was in elementary school. I was viciously bullied on a daily basis simply because my Mimi (that’s my grandmother) paid for me to go to private school and I lived in a trailer home. Literally, because my parents didn’t make the same amount of money as everyone else’s parents I was bullied. Its not like I really could have fixed that one. I learned that I did not fit in with “societal norms”. It did not help that I much preferred to dig for worms with the boys than play beauty parlor or house with the girls. So even at home I didn’t fit in where frills, lipstick and heels were the norm. From a young age I was introduced to society and how I did not fit into that box. Unlike some people I did not change for society but instead I seemed to buck against it even harder. If they didn’t want me then I didn’t want to be apart of them. I wish I could tell you that it didn’t hurt me but that is just not the case. Instead I built up a wall that no one could seem to climb. I trusted very few people and hated many. I lost my potential to trust and love because the society that I was surrounded by didn’t show me trust and love. It took me a very long time to heal but I did. I live for what God has for me now but it doesn’t make it right or sting less at times. What I have found is that often it gives me more compassion and will to right the wrongs I see.

To this day I still have allowed society to dictate how I see myself. You would have thought that I had learned my lesson the first time! I let them dictate whether I am a good mom, a good wife, how successful I am as a human being or my favorite how pretty I am.  This is absolutely ridiculous! They are not me! I was made with a purpose and my purpose certainly does not look like anyone else’s purpose. So why do we keep using these stupid (Little Miss would so be the word police for that one) societal rulers to say whether we are valuable or what our potential truly is? I mean it is like I have this ruler on the wall that I stand against every day. I stand against it like “Hmmm I wonder if I am as pretty as Gal Gadot today. Or as good of a mom as Kate Middleton today.” And you know the funny thing is I bet they have similar insecurities. I bet that somewhere they have a society ruler too. So I am changing what my ruler says about me.  My ruler now says “Beloved Daughter of God.  Devoted and loving wife. Nurturer and teacher of her children and she ROCKS at it.” Because y’all seriously I am tired of standing up to that societal ruler that says I am not good enough. I am tired of hating on myself because I missed the gym again or I yelled at my kids. I am tired of the guilt and the self hatred that comes with all the comparison. I am not using societies twisted ruler anymore. Now I am using God’s ruler and last time I checked the title at the top of His ruler for me was “Wonder Woman”.

So to all of my amazing wonder women out there. To all the women in the trenches of motherhood, marriage, single life, work life and all the other places you may be. Let me just say this YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU ARE SMART! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU ARE STRONG! AND YOU ARE A


So gear up with your battle gear, tiara and don’t forget your lasso of truth and go out and fulfill your purpose! Y’all have a blessed week!

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