Is it June yet?

I think that most people would agree that May is notoriously busy. There are music videos, posts, and just looking at the calendar to remind us how busy May actually is. I feel back logged with all the things that need to get done! Last week alone consisted of putting aside business stuff for me so that I could begin and complete at least four separate crocheting projects. Two were for my Little Miss to give to her teachers ( yes I’m that Mom) and the two others for my soon to be earth side niece. I’m so excited to be an auntie for the first time!

On top of the weekly chores and the never ending piles of laundry that I have deemed Mt. Doom, there have also been doctor’s appointments, fundraisers, award ceremonies, graduation ceremonies from preschool (this should get it’s own post in and of itself) and the numerous other things crammed into a few weeks! Oh yeah and lets add mother’s day and a whole bunch of family birthdays! I love all of the wonderful people born in May but could you have picked maybe a few weeks earlier or later to be born?

This week is not any different. Today is field day for Little Miss , which of course consisted of lathering on the sunscreen and bug spray on my fair skinned, bug bite prone kiddo who protested the whole time. If I could paint roll the stuff on I would!

I do these crazy things to myself. I’m abit of an overachiever and people pleaser. I have been my entire life. It gets me into trouble all the time because I am also an introvert. These character traits are like mixing water and vinegar. It looks good but just doesn’t work! For instance I decided that since Little Miss is born during the summer I would bring cupcakes to her school for a special party with her friends the last week of school! We have something to do everyday if not multiple things!!! I have lost my ever loving mind because Mayitis has hit. That is when you just keep stuffing your calendar fuller and fuller until it implodes!

My saving grace is the cupcakes have to be store bought cupcakes so that’s at least one thing I don’t have to do. Thank you Pinterest for all the super cute ideas for homemade gold encrusted, unicorn tear worthy cupcakes but I’m going to need you to take a lap until May is over.

I think a lot of the busy comes from trying to be more and go above what is necessary. Like needing to bring cupcakes to school for a not yet birthday. EVERYONE DOES IT!!!!

May seemssto mean that no is a taboo word these days. If you say no to taking your kid to the award ceremony at eight o’clock at night because they go to bed at seven and has to go to school the next day then you are not allowing them the full experience of competitive sports or rewarding them for all their hard work. Let me put it this way Mama Bear don’t care! I will have pizza and movie night that night and we will even watch “The Mighty Ducks” just so they can get the sense of team.  And you can mail me their participation trophy!

May has me feeling overdone like I’m sure a lot of people are feeling right now. So I’m just scooting along to make it to the end. Taking it one big crazy day at a time. Hopefully getting some cool projects done in the process. If you don’t see me until June don’t worry just send a life vest and some rum.

May your May be productive, and over soon! Be blessed y’all!

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