Keepers of the garage sale

So garage sales are kind of a family tradition for our family. Some families do sports, some do scouts, we do garage sales. As soon as garage sale season starts we are in the car on the hunt for the coolest finds. It is something we do as a family, sometimes even date mornings with the hubs. Nothing says love like spending hours rummaging through other people’s stuff. We have gotten it down to an art form at this point. Usually we start on Thursday  searching through the facebook pages and craigslist sites for any postings for garage sales to get an idea of where we need to be for the most garage sale visitations. Saturday morning is the big day! While many parents are sitting through little league games and soccer matches we are loaded in the car with hours worth of snacks, music, lots of coffee and hopefully some extra patience. Today was a bit different for us though. The hubs and I are introverts believe it or not. The hubs had a really long week at work on top of keeping our life functioning since I was out of the game with a bum shoulder. Brocitis is no joke! Anyway he was spent after this week so I gave him the morning off. Our plan had been to go on our first garage sale hunt of the weekend. Now I was going solo! Why would I endure such a trial by myself with two littles in tow? I will tell you the biggest reason. Little Miss, our four year old extroverted ball of amazingness, was all geared up to go. She had been saving for this day! Yes it’s that big of a deal! So I could not dispoint her. Saturday came with Little Miss climbing in my bed at the butt crack of dawn to say “Mommy I’m so excited to go to garage sales today!” I definitely couldn’t say no now. So I packed lots of snacks, which as always included our reusable food pouches full of yogurt and applesauce, and an extra large cup of coffee or as I like to call it my patience juice. Then we were off! One big red car, two little kids and one praying mama. Honestly it was a pretty good time. Little Miss knows the ropes by now and Little Man is easy enough to stick in the stroller. Today Little Miss deemed the people in charge of the garage sales the Keepers of the garage sale. Every sale we went to she would ask me “Mama, who is the Keeper of the garage sale?” Once I pointed them out she would immediately go to say hi to them. I asked her  what her favorite part about going to garage sales. In extroverted fashion she answered ” Talking to the Keepers. They are so nice to me.”  Little Miss has learned that if she talks to the Keepers of the garage sale that she will usually get things given to her or for really cheap! It pays to be super cute and friendly! I told her that once her money was all out we would be done for the day….I did not take into account that most of the Keepers would be Givers! So here I sit with a car full of “finds”, a wired four year old with a full coin purse, an empty coffee cup, an exhausted Little Man and Mama and a new term of endearment for all those brave souls running the garage sale gauntlet! So to all the Keepers may your garage be emptier and your pockets fuller!

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